Clitoral stimulation and memory loss

All participants were recruited through an online system at the university that lists research studies available for psychology students to participate in for mandatory research credit. In order to control for variations in exposure to the sexual story, both time spent reading the story and time spent writing the recalled story immediate and delayed were added as covariates into the analyses. This kind of thing can happen after you have a baby, for instance. Participants were assured that their responses would be kept anonymous and confidential. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

14 Benefits of Female Masturbation and Why Every Woman Should Do It


Nipples 'Light Up' Brain the Way Genitals Do

The PFC, however, showed more activation when touches and pelvic squeezes were imagined compared with those that were real. Corresponding author. Depending on how your specific body works, you might want a little break anyway if your genitals are feeling overly sensitive. That is, women reported more problems with sexual desire and orgasm as compared to men.


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