Were dr grant and ellie dating

were dr grant and ellie dating

But as stated before, this robs the movie from any character development, rendering them merely action figures to be moved around in the admittedly effective set pieces. During the night tour, Ian Malcolm explicitly asks Alan if he and Ellie are a couple. Were Dr Grant and Ellie Sattler an item in the movie? These two had been planning a future together, both professionally and romantically! Those are not "we're just friends" touches. Did Grant have any regrets for breaking up with Ellie? Ellen "Ellie" Sattler was a graduate student at the Snakewater dig site.

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For what it's worth, the film's officially authorised graphic novelisation was very clear that they're an item and appears to be largely based on the Koepp version of the script:

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Ellie Sattler

Additionally, Udesky is barely developed as a character and is merely used as the bait in a trap the raptors set for the others. I don't think that they were, however, a friend of mine is adamant that they were indeed dating and we really need to settle this argument. Also worth noting that you've linked an early version of the script rather than a transcript of the movie Ellie Sattler.

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